Douglas Diamonds Lifetime Warranty

We offer a limited, Lifetime Warranty against defects in material & workmanship for your jewelry purchased a our stores.  Douglas Diamonds will clean and inspect your jewelry at any time free of charge.  To keep your Douglas Diamonds Lifetime Warranty we must clean and inspect your jewelry for prong wear & general condition at least once every 6 months at one of our store locations.  Lifetime Warranty does not cover center stones.

Douglas Diamonds will repair or replace, at our option, any defetive item(s) covered by our warranty without charge, normal "wear and tear" excluded.  Defective or damaged item(s) should be immediately brought or mailed to Douglas Diamonds to be inspected by our jeweler. 

We recommend you have your jewelry insured with your homeowners or private insurance company to cover your jewelry for accidental loss or damage that is not covered by this warranty.  Upon request, Douglas Diamonds will provide, free of charge, a written insurance appraisal for your jewelry purchased from our stores. We offer appraisal service for jewelry not purchased from Douglas Diamonds for a fee.

Normal wear, alterations not performed by Douglas Diamonds, and accidental damage will not be covered by the Warranty.  Repair or replacement charges may apply.

When MAILING any items please address the package to "Douglas" and do not print the word "Diamonds" on the package.  This is to increase the safety of your items.